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Reviews are a great way to get a feel for a DJ service. Like, Were they on time? Were they professional? etc. But when hiring a DJ service, it's best to see the service, in some way. Ask to see videos of the service, you may be considering, to see if the service is right for you.


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All of my online client reviews are unsolicited. But I would also be more than happy to provide you with emails and phone numbers from any of my past clients. Just contact me for more information.


SO incredibly happy with DJ Barry!!!! Our wedding coordinator wasn’t the best and when she lacked to get people into place or aware what was going on, he stepped up. VERY thorough! Also, I requested he come to the rehearsal so he could make sure the music was perfect, and he did! I can’t recommend him enough. We were so happy with his services!!!
Moriah Robinson Spartanburg, SC


My husband had hired DJ Barry for my birthday party in 2012 and we both agreed that he did a great job so we decided to use his services again for our wedding. He is so professional and I love his interactive website. His client area on his website is very detailed and includes planning forms allowing you to enter all the pertinent information needed for the wedding such as time, date, location, names of individuals in the wedding party, etc. You can select the songs you want for each specific event during the wedding and he has an interactive music selection/request form as well. Days before the wedding he will go over every detail down to the pronunciation of names to make sure that everything goes smoothly the day of. He is on time and doesn't miss any details. And if you request a specific song, he will be sure to play it no matter what the genre. I definitely had a great experience again with him and I recommend him to anyone in Georgia, South Carolina, North Carolina, and Tennessee, as he services many locations in these states.
Tiffany & Kevin Westbrook Augusta, GA


Barry did such a wonderful job at our wedding! He was great to work with and I will definitely give his information to anyone looking for a DJ.
Emily Mularz Charlotte, NC


We had a great day at our wedding and deeply appreciated everything Barry did to bring it all together. We really enjoyed Barry's services and will definitely keep him in mind if we need his services again. I will be happy to recommend him to anyone I know interested as well.
Beth Loudermilk Clemson, SC


Barry did such a great job. Everything went smooth and we got to jam to some great music. He did an awesome job and will recommend your services to our friends for their future weddings or events.
Amber & John Dolac Charlotte, NC


Thank you so much! Barry did an amazing job and he was just what I was looking for! Everyone really enjoyed the music, I will definitely be recommending him to other people I know.
Anne Carnes Charleston, SC


Our wedding turned out perfectly and we were thrilled with the music, it was excellent! Barry was helpful, flexible and had a great willingness to work with us on our requests. It was a pleasure to work with him.
Aeriel Miller Troutman, NC


Barry was very professional and played great music. The timing was perfect for my ceremony and everyone had a wonderful time at the reception. He's a great announcer and very reasonable on the price as well.
Rebecca Gobel Shelby, NC


DJ Barry was great. I loved the planning website which allowed me to consider and change songs and other details right up until the week before the wedding. DJ Barry was very responsive via email, and he called me the week-of to go over all the details. He was very professional and flexible, and did a great job with announcing the various events, even accommodating the groom's friends with a special request. If I had to do it all over, I would definitely hire DJ Barry again.
Jessica & Walter Reel Columbia, SC


DJ Barry was great! I remember saying to my mother before the wedding it doesn't matter who the DJ is because none of my friends will dance (they usually don't). There wasn't one minute in the wedding when the dance floor wasn't packed. My friends, family, and I literally danced the night away! He played all of the right songs and it was wonderful! Very stress free and wonderful!!!!!
Lyndsay & Justin Fowler Greenville, SC


Barry was the DJ at our wedding, He was able to play every song we had requested for the reception. He also was able to time with the planetarium's lighting for the bridal party as I walked down the "aisle". Best investment I made for the wedding & reception was his DJ service. Everyone loved him & still talks about how fun the wedding was.
Rikki & Brian Kistler Gastonia, NC


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